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Gadise Demissie Mulu and Martin Musau win 35th event edition

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Gadise Demissie Mulu and Martin Musau are the winners of the Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2021. The Ethiopian (23) won the women’s competition in her third marathon after 2:26:19 hours, the athlete from Uganda (23) won in his marathon premiere after 2:10:14 hours.

“The preparations were very spontaneous, I had just one week to plan everything and prepare for the race, yet the race went great, right down to the spectators who gave me great support. I am very happy and would be happy to take part again next year,” said the visibly euphoric winner Gadise Mulu. Martin Musau was also happy about his victory in the Hanseatic city: “A marathon premiere is always something special, so you should be modest at first. I was aiming for a time under 2:10 hours, but I got muscular problems in the final section. The fact that it was still enough to win makes the success all the greater and makes me very happy.”

Chief organiser Frank Thaleiser was also satisfied with the event: “With the preparation in the last weeks and the implementation today, we have achieved what was possible under the current conditions, and that is not exactly little. I think we have also taken a big step towards a new normality with this.”

Since 8:00am in the morning, a total of 4,434 runners and one handcyclist had competed in the three events: marathon, half marathon and relay marathon. By 15:45h, a total of 4,219 had successfully crossed the finish line.

Registration for the 36th Haspa Marathon Hamburg starts tomorrow morning. The date for this is 24 April 2022.

Further information and results at:

Over 5,000 participants expected at the start on Glacischaussee on Sunday

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Next Sunday, Germany’s largest spring marathon will take place in its 35th edition in late summer for the first time due to the pandemic and exclusively with athletes vaccinated against Corona.
Hamburg’s sports senator Andy Grote said today at an event press conference: “We are very pleased that, despite the necessary restrictions, another major traditional sports event, the marathon, can now take place in the Hanseatic city. From our point of view, this is a strong and important signal for the runners, all forces involved in the organisation and for the sports city of Hamburg.”
Frank Thaleiser, chief organiser of the Haspa Marathon Hamburg added: “The fact that the event can take place on Sunday is also an expression of the fact that intensive coordination processes can lead to success even under very difficult conditions. This has really succeeded here. Accordingly, in addition to our partners, my special thanks go to the city of Hamburg.”

On Sunday, a total of 5,156 runners and one hand cyclist are expected at the start in the half marathon, marathon and relay marathon competitions. As in 2012, the start and finish line will be on the Glacischaussee. Apart from that, the route remains almost unchanged and runs, as usual, through the typical and attractive districts of the Hanseatic city. In addition to Everyman, a seven-strong selection of top young athletes – five men and two women – from Ethiopia and Uganda will be at the start. At 8:00 a.m. the half marathon will start with 1,688 runners. At 9:00 a.m., Hamburg’s First Mayor, Dr. Peter Tschentscher, will ring the starting bell for 2,417 marathon runners and a total of 1,072 relay participants.

The event centre will be located on the Heiligengeistfeld in buildings that are ventilated to meet Corona’s needs. From 9.00 a.m. on Friday, registered starters will be able to collect their starting documents in person only and on presentation of a valid Corona vaccination certificate.

The traditional Marathon Fair will be cancelled due to the pandemic, as will any official side event programme at the start and finish as well as on the course. The popular junior and children’s race “Das Zehntel” with over 8,000 schoolchildren will also not take place this year.

Event Update

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We are working flat out to prepare for the Haspa Marathon Hamburg on 12 September, and it is looking good for official approval to be granted by the city authorities.

  • The following information is intended to help you plan and prepare your own participation, and is valid both for runners who have already registered and for those who may still wish to register.
    In order to be allowed to participate in the Haspa Marathon Hamburg, official proof of a complete vaccination against Covid-19 by means of a vaccine recognised in Germany (Biontech-Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson) or the complete recovery from a Covid-19 disease including the receipt of a vaccination dose from one of the above-mentioned manufacturers at least once is mandatory. A corresponding vaccination must have taken place by 28 August at the latest. An officially valid proof (certified entry in the vaccination certificate or digital vaccination card) has to be presented on site at the starting documents collection point at the Heiligengeistfeld in Hamburg.
  • Registration for the Haspa Marathon Hamburg for all events – marathon, half marathon and relay marathon – is still possible until Saturday, 28 August.
  • The deadline for re-registering / naming a substitute participant ends on 28 August – this applies to all three competitions.
  • Confirmation of registration will be sent out after the closing date at the beginning of week 35.
  • The start list will be published at by the middle of week 35.
  • Any running shirts ordered with the registration will be handed out on site together with the starting documents.
  • It is compulsory to wear a mouth/nose protection (medical or FFP2 mask) on the entire event area – this applies to the event Sunday (before the start and after the finish) as well as on the days when the starting documents are collected.

For the provisional event timetable click HERE

Further information can be found in the participant information of the respective competition.


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In agreement with the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, we have been provided an official permission to organise the Haspa Marathon Hamburg on 12 September 2021 under certain conditions.

These stipulate in particular that only runners who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will be allowed to start. A corresponding officially valid proof (certified entry in the vaccination certificate or digital vaccination card) has to be provided on site at the starting documents counter. A vaccination date to obtain this status may not be closer than a full two weeks to the date of the event. Accordingly, the deadline for this is 28 August.

In addition, we will have to do without many of the services we have been accustomed to in the past, including the pasta party, medal engraving, marathon fair, social programme, massage and shower facilities.

We have already informed our participants who have registered so far about the new development and the conditions attached to it by newsletter. These also apply to new registrations.

update to event planning

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Dear participants,

The path back to a normality that at least comes close to the one we knew before the pandemic has begun. We all hope and rely on the fact that the cautious opening strategy that is currently being applied and implemented in many federal states – including Hamburg – and the associated hygiene measures will take effect, that the falling incidence will not abate and that further steps towards the approval of large (sports) events will follow, as long as their hygiene safety is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, we have not yet received a clear statement from the city’s social services department as to the pandemic situation – in which case the incidence (number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within the past seven days) is taken as a reference – at which an official event permit can be issued. We can therefore only assume that we can only expect a release from a single-digit incidence value.

We continue to be patient and optimistic and hope that you will remain so as well. As soon as we have valid news from the city, we will inform you immediately.

Sporty greetings
Your MHV Team

At least 500 active people ensure the success of #runyourowblueline 2

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The digital run #runyourownblueline 2.0 last Sunday was a great success. Not only because of the ideal running conditions, at least in Hamburg, with pure sunshine all day and temperatures of 20° Celsius at most. Rather, and above all, it was due to the 500 runners alone who were able to record their participation via app and then enter it in an official results list. We apologise once again that the app did not work for everyone at first and hope that all the results have been entered in the meantime.

To the results list 

However, we are happy about the lively participation, also nationwide and even internationally. In addition to more than 160 runners from Hamburg, there were numerous participants from the Frankfurt area, Kiel, Denmark, Norway and even Brazil. We would like to thank you all for your active participation and the sign that you have set in these difficult times for all of us: sporting competition, even if only digital, is possible under pandemic conditions and not only justifiable for society as a whole, but also worthy of support.

In this sense: stay healthy and optimistic!

Sporty greetings from the MHV team

Hygiene appeal for #runyourownblueline on Sunday

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Dear #runyourownblueline runners,

Sunday is the day. The digital competition #runyourownblueline goes into the second round. Digital is the order of the day, and that is first of all good in times like these. However, digital in the context of #runyourownblueline does not mean that the competition takes place entirely in virtual space. This only applies to its documentation. Each and every one of you will be running analogue and physically on Sunday, even if hopefully only for yourselves, regardless of whether it’s outside in nature, over several laps on the familiar and beloved training route or on the treadmill at home. In order for the competition to be a success for all of us and at all levels in the end, we would like to draw your attention once again – each and every one of you – to compliance with the applicable hygiene protection conditions and appeal here in particular to the runners from Hamburg to comply with the guidelines set out in the Hamburg SARS-CoV-2-Eindämmungsverordnung – HmbSARS-CoV-2-EindämmungsVO) (valid from 23 April 2021) This means in particular that you should run alone if possible, i.e. not in groups, not in the usual conurbations (Alsterrunde, Elbstrand or similar) and also not at times of day when the public space is heavily frequented.
In addition, tomorrow, Saturday, you and all of us will be subject to the new federal regulation (emergency brake) that prohibits physical activity (sport) between 0:00 and 5:00. This means that on Sunday you can start the digital competition #runyourownblueline at 5:00 a.m. at the earliest and have to finish it by 11:59 p.m.
We wish you and all of us a successful run this coming Sunday!

Sporty greetings from the MHV team

#Runyourownblueline 2.0 – registration until 11. April

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On Sunday, 25 April, the virtual run #runyourownblueline will enter its second round. At the premiere last year on the day of the original Haspa Marathon Hamburg, many participants ran on a freely chosen route in their home environment and made the format a great joint success. For the second edition there are now decisive innovations and added values:

  • The run will have a real competitive character with online registration, your own start number, uniform tracking / timing via MIKA Timing APP and subsequent online results listing.
  • You can choose from three competitions – 10km, half marathon and marathon – the one that suits you best.
  • The entry fee is €10 to cover organisational costs.
  • The route and start time can be chosen freely between 0.00 and 23.59 hrs on Sunday, 25 April – the valid hygiene protection guidelines must be observed.
  • The first three in each age group (w/m) of each competition will win a free entry to one of our MHV events of their choice.
  • Attractive prizes will be raffled among all participants.

The registration deadline is 11 April 2021!

*IMPORTANT! Proof of participation on the Sunday of the event, 25 April, will only be provided by smartphone and by using a MIKA Timing APP – any tracking via smartwatches and/or other running APPs or other proof of performance will not be accepted.

Information about the APP will be available soon!

#runyourownblueline 2.0 – be there – we are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, 25 April!

September 12, 2021 confirmed as new event date

By Allgemein @en

We have all had to wait a long time. After intensive and good discussions with the city of Hamburg, it is now official. The 35th Haspa Marathon Hamburg is to take place on September 12, 2021. This is what those responsible for the city have agreed with the organizer MHV. “We are very pleased that we now have far-reaching planning security and sufficient lead time to prepare the event professionally,” explains chief organizer Frank Thaleiser.

All participants who have already registered are currently being contacted and can transfer their registration to the new date in the fall or even the 2022 event via online inquiry or choose other forms of compensation.

In addition, online registration is now open again. There are still starting places available in all three competitions, although for organizational reasons the contingents are limited, especially in the Marathon and Relay Marathon competition. In the main competition, the Haspa Marathon Hamburg, a total of 8,000 starting places are available, for the Haspa Marathon Hamburg Relay the number of places is limited to 1,000 places with 4 participants each. For the Haspa Half Marathon Hamburg, a total of 4,000 starting places are available. All competitions were in high demand until the last minute.

To register for the competitions, click here:

Haspa Marathon Hamburg

Haspa Half-Marathon Hamburg

Haspa Marathon Hamburg Relay

Outlook for 2021

By Allgemein @en

Dear runners,

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and a good start into the year 2021. In these special days, the time of inner contemplation and winter rest is abruptly followed by that of old and new resolutions and an associated urge to set out. Not infrequently, this New Year’s euphoria gives way just as quickly to a certain disillusionment. The days are short, gray and wet or, in the best case, snowy. The good intentions are quickly gone, but the inner pig, on the other hand, is all the stronger. He prefers to stay in the warm instead of lacing up his running shoes.

This is certainly a cliché and some of you may not share it at all. But maybe some of you will find yourselves in it. Even in our team, opinions and moods are distributed very differently. We therefore do not want to presume at this point to give well-intentioned advice or even recipes on how each and every one of us should deal with the upcoming time.

However, we would like to express our sincere thanks to our registered participants who, after our announcement shortly before Christmas regarding the postponement of the Haspa Marathon Hamburg, have remained calm and patient and continue to remain loyal to us. This is anything but self-evident, especially since we were initially unable to name a new date and in times when the pandemic has us all firmly in its grip and will probably continue for a reasonably long time.

We continue to work tirelessly on the planning and implementation of the event – it remains with the already announced timing, after which an alternative date should be fixed at the end of January. We will inform you about this date as soon as possible.

Until then, we continue to build on your patience and understanding and wish you a good run and, above all, good health.

Your Haspa Marathon Hamburg Team