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#Runyourownblueline on Sunday, 19 April

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Dear runners, as a small motivation boost in times of the Coronavirus we have created the campaign #runyourownblueline for you and us. The idea: Anyone who wants to, can pass a run of any length on Sunday, April 19 in the spirit of the original Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2020 event date. It doesn’t matter whether you run the marathon, half marathon or over a 5-kilometre distance +/- X – be it on your home treadmill or your personal training track in the forest or the park nearby – there are no limits to your creativity and sporting ambition. Therefore, there will not be a result list or presentation afterwards. The main thing is anyway, that you keep the given minimum distance of 1.5 meters to others during the run in the public area, which hopefully will not be completely closed. To visually support the action you can download a digital bib number HERE, print it out and attach it to your chest for the run. We would be very happy if you actively support this special event on Sunday, 19 April. Published pictures and documents of your run via a run app on your social networks are very welcome – if you do so, please make sure to mention the hashtag #runyourownblueline as well as @haspamarathonhamburg – thank you! Please stay healthy and fit! Yours in sport Your Haspa Marathon Hamburg Team

Reopening of the 2020 registration on Easter Monday

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Now that the 2020 event date has been fixed for 13 September, we will also restart the online registration on Easter Monday, 13 April. This applies to the marathon competition as well as to the half-marathon and relay competitions, which actually have been fully booked up to now. There have been and still are returns from participants who cannot start on September 13th. Therefore, these returns will be offered again as free contingents from April 13th on, at least to a manageable extent.

We would be pleased to attract participants who have not been able to participate so far.

Yours in sport
Your Haspa Marathon Hamburg Team

35th Haspa Marathon Hamburg shifted to 13 September 2020

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For the first time Germany’s biggest spring marathon will not take place in spring. The 35th edition of the Haspa Marathon Hamburg, which was suspended a good two weeks ago due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be postponed to Sunday, 13 September 2020.

“We are firmly convinced that it is realistic to hold the event at this new time, even though essential organisational conditions, especially due to the corona epidemic and new findings on the health protection of participants expected by then, will be different from those that have been usual up to now”, explains Chief Organiser Frank Thaleiser.

Hamburg’s Sports Senator Andy Grote adds: “The new date for the Haspa Marathon is also an optimistic signal: With good cooperation, a lot can be achieved in sport even in difficult times. Sport is a role model here. I would like to thank the organizer, the police and all other participants for their professional work”.

After the appointment has been made, the classic organisational system is now back in operation, with numerous additional subject areas and tasks, particularly with regard to prevention measures and hygiene regulations.

It is therefore unclear whether the Youth and Children’s Race Das Zehntel can be organised within the framework of the new event date or on a separate date. “In this situation, which is not only completely different in terms of dates, we must also put some things we have grown fond of to the test and plan step by step. Basically, however, our concern is that the social significance and role of sport at the competition level should also be kept in view, if not at the moment then at least in perspective. We receive a lot of confirmation and support here, from a large number of our participants, our partners and not least the City of Hamburg, which provides us with excellent support from all administrative bodies, above all the State Sports Office and Sports Senator Andy Grote, for which we are extremely grateful. Our special thanks also go to Karsten Schölerman (BMS die Laufgesellschaft mbH), who, despite organizing his own event on September 13th at the same time, accepted our request to relocate the Haspa Marathon Hamburg”.

Event is skipped – coordination for shifting ist underway

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On Thursday, 12 March, the Hamburg health authorities officially ordered to prohibit all events with more than 1,000 participants in Hamburg for the time being up to and including 30 April.

As a result, the 35th Haspa Marathon Hamburg unfortunately will not to take place as planned on April 19, 2020. The same applies to Das Zehntel on April 18.

However, this does not mean a final cancellation of the event. We are currently making every effort to find an alternative date for the event in 2020 and are in contact with all relevant authorities in the city. In view of the current situation regarding the Corona crisis, this process will take at least until the end of March.

As soon as there are any conclusive changes, we will inform you proactively. Accordingly, we ask you to refrain from enquiries regarding the development of the event.

Many thanks and with sporting greetings on behalf of the entire Haspa Marathon Hamburg Team

Homiyu Tesfaye will start at the Elite on 19 April

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The elite starting list of the Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2020 continues to take shape. Following the recent confirmation of the two previous year’s winners Dibabe Kuma and Tadu Abate and last year’s runner-up Ayele Abshero (all three from Ethiopia) as well as the German running twins Debbie and Rabea Schöneborn, Homiyu Tesfaye has now also announced his start in Germany’s largest spring marathon. The middle distance specialist from Frankfurt with Ethiopian roots is thus the second German top athlete after Philipp Pflieger to start in the elite field on April 19. Since 2012 Tesfaye has been able to record considerable competition successes in the 1,500 metres and 10.00 metres, including several German championship titles. At his first and so far only marathon competition in September 2019 in his hometown, he fell short of his own expectations. The 26-year-old has ambitious goals for his start in Hamburg: “I am very much looking forward to my start in Hamburg. I have heard that it is an impressive city with great spectators and a fast course in a great setting. I will do my best and hope that in the end it will even be enough to get an Olympic ticket”.

Chief organizer Frank Thaleiser adds: “Homiyu has considerable potential for a great marathon career. We are very pleased to have him at the start in Hamburg and to be able to contribute to his development into a successful long-distance runner by providing good conditions”.
For optimal preparation, Homiyu Tesfaye will be training in an altitude training camp near the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa from now until shortly before the event weekend.

11,000 – yet three months to go!

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Somehow fitting that with yesterday’s Sunday, three months to the day before the event, the mark of 11,000 marathon registrations was cracked. Maybe it was due to you, who want to be there and once again take part in the history of the event, or maybe it was due to the top weather conditions that brought a touch of spring. Probably it was a little bit of everything. Anyway, we are happy about the current figures and are curious about the small milestones we will set together in the next three months until the 35th edition of Germany’s biggest spring marathon. For the moment we just say: Thank you! …and wish you all a good run.

Haspa Marathon Hamburg

Marathon competition: nearly 11,000 start slots booked – price change approaches

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The main competition – Marathon – of the Haspa Marathon Hamburg has recorded just under 11,000 registrations (5% more than in the same period of the previous year) and is thus on the verge of changing to the last price level.
The last 100 starting places in the price category – €90 per starting place – are currently on offer. Those who decide on the spur of the moment should hurry up. When the 11,000 mark is reached, the entry fee increases by 8,-€.

For registration please click HERE

In addition, we also set another impressive record. For Das Zehntel, the children and youth run as part of the Haspa Marathon Hamburg weekend, more than 2,500 entries were received on the first day of registration (15 January). With 10,000 starting places, what is now the largest youth run in Germany was already fully booked last year and, given current developments, is expected to be so again. Three runs – two for primary schools and one for secondary schools – are on the agenda for the competition on Saturday, 18 April. The course will run in the proven manner over 4.2 kilometres around Hamburg Messe and through the nearby park Planten un Blomen.
Further information is available at:


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The new year is still young, so – a little late – a good, successful and healthy 2020 to all runners!
10,500 marathon starting slots have already been booked – a nice start into the new sports year – we say thank you very much and wish everyone that the good (running) intentions, whether old or new, will last for a long time.

For registration please go to HERE

34. Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2019

10,000 marathon start slots booked!

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Even before Christmas, the mark of 10,000 registered participants in the marathon competition has been reached. Once again we say thank you! for this small milestone on the way to the 35th edition of the event, which we would like to make a top-class running party together with you. This means that 1,000 starting slots are left available in the current price category – 90 € per starting slot.

To register click HERE

Official running shirts – (re)order now!

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We are proud and pleased to continue our cooperation with our Sports Brand Partner “361° – one degree beyond”. 361° has again created the high-quality participant shirts for all three competitions. The shirts are made of 100% recycled PET bottles and can be ordered during the registration process or reordered by already registered participants.

The marathon shirt and half-marathon shirt can be ordered individually as men’s and women’s models (each relative in XS-S-M-L-XL), for the relay marathon there is a unisex version (XS-S-M-L-XL – Attention! Just MEN details as reference) on offer.

You can find a size table HERE

Price per shirt: 26,-€ (incl. VAT)

Relay marathon teams receive a quantity discount of 3.50€ per shirt when ordering a closed set of 4 by the team captain.

If you want to reorder a shirt, please send a message via our contact form, stating the following data:
1. Desired shirt size
2. Your booking no.

Please note:

Marathon & Half-Marathon participants: Only one shirt per participant can be ordered and must correspond to the competition booked.

For the relay competition the team captain can order up to 4 shirts (closed for his own team). The discounted total price of 90,-€ (22,50€ per shirt, incl. VAT) is only valid if a set of 4 shirts is ordered. Please indicate the respective size (size table MEN) for all 4 shirts in your message.

The shirts will be handed out when you pick up your starting documents at the Marathon Expo on 17 & 18 April 2020.