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Haspa Marathon Hamburg takes 1st place in quality study

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On our own behalf: The British online platform recently carried out a study of 476 marathon events worldwide that were certified by the World Marathon Association and evaluated on the basis of various criteria.

Categories were among other things organizational factors such as starting fees, infrastructure (catering, number and locations of WCs, medical security, hotel availability etc.), in addition, external factors such as weather conditions, air quality, temperature, elevation or distance profile.

Events were already excluded from the analysis if no data was available for more than one evaluation category. The remaining 81 marathon events are listed in a ranking after evaluation.

The Haspa Marathon Hamburg took 1st place in this ranking.

To the ranking list and further information on the study

34. Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2019

9,000 marathon start slots booked

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It does not tear down, and that is a good thing. Three weeks ago there were 8,000 entries to the main competition of the Haspa Marathon Hamburg, now we are at 9,000. We are overwhelmed by your encouragement for Germany’s biggest spring marathon and once again say thank you for all your trust!

Our goal: to break the 10,000 mark before the end of the year. We will keep you up to date and wish you a nice Advent and running time!

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Haspa Marathon Hamburg gets World Athletic Gold Label

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The Haspa Marathon Hamburg has just become official holder of the World Athletics Gold Label Road Races. With the newly designed seal of quality, the World Athletics Federation (formerly IAAF) honours, among other things, the increased support of marathon and road races organisers in its anti-doping programme.
“The World Athletics Gold Label is, on the one hand, an expression of the appreciation of our event, but above all it is a visible and important sign that there must be no room in the world of sport for illicit means of improving performance. In this respect, I am doubly pleased about this award”, explains Frank Thaleiser, head organizer of the Haspa Marathon Hamburg.

The World Athletics Label Road Races comprises four quality levels – bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Their award is based on strict quality criteria with regard to event organisation and media coverage. On the other hand, it is based on the number of anti-doping controls carried out by elite athletes within the framework of the organisers´ own events as well as their financial participation in anti-doping measures outside competitions.

Helfer - Haspa Marathon Hamburg

8,000 start slots booked for the Marathon

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Germany’s largest spring marathon sets another best mark with currently 8,000 entries for the main competition. This alone is 1,000 registered marathoners within the last two weeks. We are very much pleased about your enthusiasm and your faith and wish you a good preparation time.

Already booked are the half marathon and relay competitions.

Yours in sports
Your Haspa Marathon Hamburg Team

Relay competition fully booked – 7,000 registrations for marathon competition

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After the half-marathon another competition of the Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2020 is now fully booked with the relay competition. In addition, the mark of 7,000 registrations was exceeded in the marathon. For the main competition of Germany’s largest spring marathon, the starting fee is now 90,- €.

Half a year before the 35th edition, a total of 17,000 athletes (7,000 marathon runners – 4,000 half marathon participants – 6,000 relay starters) registered for Germany’s largest spring marathon.

We are once again very impressed and thank you for your trust.

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Marathon competition – price surge approaches

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Procastrinators watch out! For the marathon competition there are just under 500 starting places available in the current price category – 82,-€.
Our recommendation: register now for Germany’s biggest spring marathon and be part of one of the notable running highlights.
6,500 marathoners have already registered for the 35th edition – we say thank you once again! and look forward to seeing you!

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34. Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2019, Start Halbmarathon

Half-marathon fully booked

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The first of competitions of the Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2020 is fully booked. The 3,900 starting slots of the half marathon competition are completely taken.

Only voucher code holders can sign up until 19.3.2020 HERE

Note: Coupon codes can no longer be purchased.

34. Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2019

Half-marathon: yet 100 start slots on sale

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The registration for the half-marathon competition turns on the home straight. After having recently increased the quota of originally 3,535 starting points by 10% due to high demand, this too is gradually disappearing. Just over 100 starting positions are currently on offer. Once these are forgiven, nothing finally works. Half-marathon enthusiasts should hurry up.

Do register here

Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2019 – Highlight Video

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Yes, it did rain, a lot and a long time, but most of it dropped aside, as they say in Hamburg. You have defied the weather and the cold and brought us and hopefully also yourself an unforgettable Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2019.
The most beautiful pictures and emotions were summarized by our video team from PlanP in the official Highlight Video.

Have fun watching, enjoying and maybe get some appetite for the 35th Haspa Marathon Hamburg on April 19, 2020

Watch the Clip HERE

Enervit Paket - Haspa Marathon Hamburg

ENERVIT provides you with energy

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ENERVIT is the new official nutrition partner of the Haspa Marathon Hamburg and will provide you with more energy on the course and around your run on Sunday, April 28th through Enervit sport isotonic drinks, enervit sport gels and Enervit sport competition bars.
The Italian company shows more than 40 years of research experience in endurance sports and sports nutrition. The focus is on the individual needs of athletes, both in training and in competition.
A team of scientists and nutrition experts is constantly working to create innovations and improvements for the sports nutrition market.

Further information:

Get your marathon training package at
(information only available in German)