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HIGH5 – official sports nutrition partner

By 18. March 2022March 22nd, 2022all @en

HIGH5 is the official sports nutrition partner of the Hamburg Marathon and wishes all runners good luck with the final preparations for the big day! To support you on your way to the finish line, HIGH5 will provide a selection of delicious products at the course: the HIGH5 Energy Drink – a great-tasting carbohydrate and electrolyte drink that will help you maintain your performance and improve your hydration during the run. Also, HIGH5 Energy Gel – a lightweight gel made with refreshing natural fruit juices and water that directly fuels your muscles with carbohydrates during your run.

The right nutrition can make all the difference in not only crossing the finish line, but also enjoying the run beforehand. This is where the HIGH5 nutrition guides come in – feel free to take a look at the tips for your nutrition strategy for the Haspa Marathon Hamburg at: HIGH5