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Experience Germanys biggest and fastest spring Marathon

Experience the most traditional and largest sporting event of the Elbe metropolis – on 42.195 kilometres through the most beautiful quarters of the city, over wide boulevards and through a uniquely Hanseatic maritime backdrop, along the harbour, the Elbe and Alster. Whether you’re a fast athlete for all seasons or a runner for pleasure, the course offers the right “programme” for everyone – including terrific enthusiasm from the world-class audience along the route – on 27 April 2025 for the 39th time!


We care for your health

Please keep in mind that each participant is required to assess his/her own health condition and fitness with regards to taking part in the marathon event, or consult a doctor if necessary. We advise you to consult the online questionnaire by the German Road Races to evaluate your physical condition. Find the questionnaire here