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New in 2018: Team Ranking

By 11. August 2017all @en

At the 33rd Haspa Marathon Hamburg on 29 April 2018 we will introduce a new category for all participants: The team ranking. The team ranking is aimed at marathon runners that compete under one name or for one team. To take part at the team ranking three runners have to register with the identical team name or club. After the finish, the first three runners of one team with the fastest times will be added.

A women-, men and mixed team ranking will be carried out. This ranking does not require an explicit registration. But all team members have to provide the same team name (with identical spelling) when they sign up. The best teams will be honoured.

Additional rankings at the Haspa Marathon Hamburg

There will be other special ranking carried out during the Haspa Marathon Hamburg. They are:

  • Hamburg Championships (Main/Age Groups)*
  • Hamburg-Corporate Sports Championships Men,Women
  • Hamburg Police Championships Men, Women

*Hamburg Championships Club Ranking: The Hamburg Championships club ranking consists of the added sum of three individual runners (of the same club) finishing times in order of placings. This ranking does not require an explicit registration but simply the participation in the Hamburg Championships as well as providing the respective sports club (identical spelling) during the registration process.