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#Runyourownblueline on Sunday, 19 April

By 9. April 2020all @en

Dear runners, as a small motivation boost in times of the Coronavirus we have created the campaign #runyourownblueline for you and us. The idea: Anyone who wants to, can pass a run of any length on Sunday, April 19 in the spirit of the original Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2020 event date. It doesn’t matter whether you run the marathon, half marathon or over a 5-kilometre distance +/- X – be it on your home treadmill or your personal training track in the forest or the park nearby – there are no limits to your creativity and sporting ambition. Therefore, there will not be a result list or presentation afterwards. The main thing is anyway, that you keep the given minimum distance of 1.5 meters to others during the run in the public area, which hopefully will not be completely closed. To visually support the action you can download a digital bib number HERE, print it out and attach it to your chest for the run. We would be very happy if you actively support this special event on Sunday, 19 April. Published pictures and documents of your run via a run app on your social networks are very welcome – if you do so, please make sure to mention the hashtag #runyourownblueline as well as @haspamarathonhamburg – thank you! Please stay healthy and fit! Yours in sport Your Haspa Marathon Hamburg Team