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update to event planning

By 11. June 2021all @en

Dear participants,

The path back to a normality that at least comes close to the one we knew before the pandemic has begun. We all hope and rely on the fact that the cautious opening strategy that is currently being applied and implemented in many federal states – including Hamburg – and the associated hygiene measures will take effect, that the falling incidence will not abate and that further steps towards the approval of large (sports) events will follow, as long as their hygiene safety is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, we have not yet received a clear statement from the city’s social services department as to the pandemic situation – in which case the incidence (number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within the past seven days) is taken as a reference – at which an official event permit can be issued. We can therefore only assume that we can only expect a release from a single-digit incidence value.

We continue to be patient and optimistic and hope that you will remain so as well. As soon as we have valid news from the city, we will inform you immediately.

Sporty greetings
Your MHV Team