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XPLORA is official Kids Smart Watch partner

By 20. April 2018all @en
#xploraplay | Haspa Marathon Hamburg

XPLORA KIDS Smartwatch was founded with a clear vision: To connect families while allowing children to develop freely and explore the world on their own.
XPLORA is the first smartwatch of its kind, approved by the federal network agency. It`s a mobile phone for kids, only with safe and relevant features. Internet, social media and inappropriate apps have been consciously removed. Parents can call and locate their kids if needed.

With the starting shot of the marathon, XPLORA launches the new campaign #xploraplay. The campaign wants to awake children`s natural need for activity and invite them to create their leisure time more active and spend less time in front of smartphones, tablets or alike. #xploraplay shows how important exercise and independence is for the development of children. Therefore, it was self-evident to support the marathon as a sponsor. Please find more info of our smartwatch and campaign raffle which finds place in the event of the marathon here: